Two compiler crashes

Two compiler crashes

The following tests cause compiler crashes, although they should be incorrect uses of _Cilk_spwan. (The spec seemly does not exclude the first test).icc version 12.1.4 (gcc version 4.6.0 compatibility)(1)// a.cppint foo(int i) {  return i;}int a = _Cilk_spawn foo(0);int main() {  return a;}Error message:(0): internal error: backend signalscompilation aborted for a.cpp (code 4)(2) // Found by my colleague Ben Langmuir// b.cppint main() {  _Cilk_spawn 0;  return 0;}Error Message:b.cpp(2): internal error: assertion failed at: "shared/cfe/edgcpfe/expr.c", line 28299    _Cilk_spawn 0;                ^compilation aborted for b.cpp (code 4)

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Thanks for reporting the problems.  I've reproduced the problems and submitted them to the compiler group:

First program:
DPD200235415 - CILK: Compiler internal error reported by customer - backend signals

Second program:
DPD200235416 - CILK: Compiler internal error reported by customer - assertion failed

Are either of these holding you back?

    - Barry

No, since they should be invalid uses. Thanks! 

May our developer working on the GCC implementation of Cilk Plus include them in the tests he submits to GCC?  They'd be included with the GCC source distribution and have to be under the GPL V2 license.

    - Barry

Sure, go ahead!

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