Cilk Plus/LLVM available on Github

Cilk Plus/LLVM available on Github

Hi all,

I am pleased to announce that the source code for our in-progress implementation of the Intel Cilk Plus extensions in Clang/LLVM is now available on Github:

This is an early release, and is not yet feature-complete. Right now, only spawn and sync are supported, as well as anything that only requires the runtime library, such as hyperobjects. We will of course be adding the rest of the Intel Cilk Plus extensions over time, including cilk_for and the vectorization features. More information about the current status, including supported platforms and known issues is available at

We would love to hear your feedback (and bug reports!) – either on this forum, or via the github issue tracker


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Update: Cilk Plus/LLVM now supports all of the Intel® Cilk™ Plus extensions for tasking!

In addition to spawn and sync, the parallel loop construct 'cilk_for' is now supported. You can try it out by following the instructions at, or take a look at the implementation here.

Hi, I am looking at the github repository and it has not been kept in sync with the upstream trunk. Any chance it would be update soon?


Thanks for all the work!

I assume you're asking about the Cilk Plus runtime included with the LLVM/Clang Cilk Plus branch? I will be sending the LLVM/Clang developers an updated copy of the Cilk runtime very soon.  Probably this week.

   - Barry

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