Profiling cache misses in CilkPlus applications

Profiling cache misses in CilkPlus applications

Dear all

Is perf safe to use for profiling CilkPlus applications? I've tried using cilkprof to no avail... something to do with PIN that I've never been able to make it work.



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Sorry, I don't know that tool.

    - Barry

Ok, let me pose the question another way. What would be the best way to profile cache misses with CilkPlus?

Here's a link to Linux perf, just in case:

"best way" is likely whatever you are famiilar with.  Any performance event profiling tool which works with C99 or C++ gcc or icc should be suitable, if it's not tied to an incompatible threading model.

I have used perf a few times to collect some simple aggregate statistics for Cilk Plus programs.   I believe the Cilk Plus runtime should look like just another shared library to perf, and it should mostly "just work" like profiling any other pthreaded program.   But I don't have much experience using perf myself, so it is possible there are more subtle problems that I'm not aware of?



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