Try #3 - Using Intel Toolset instead of GCC

Try #3 - Using Intel Toolset instead of GCC

After my attemps to use the cilk-enabled gcc were not successfull ( and

I try using Intel C++ Studio XE now (non-commercial student license)

After a ("Successfull") install I rebooted the system. My reward for downloading gigs of data and installing for about 1 day was now a messages "vtts_cpuevents_init[cpu1]: all fixed counters are broken".

cilk really starts to annoy me. is it actually so hard to get this to work? Or do I have bad luck?!


What more can I do?!

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Did you install the Visual Studio prerequisite successfully?   Or, do you mean linux, where any released version of g++ ought to work as prerequisite for installing Intel C++ ?

Sorry for being unprecise. Its Ubuntu 13.04 x64

Hi Robert.

What did you do that resulted in that error message?

   - Barry

well, as i said. I installed Ubuntu 13.04 x64, installed Intel C++ Composer Studio XE and after rebooting the system booting was aborted with error message

"vtts_cpuevents_init[cpu1]: all fixed counters are broken".


Hi Robert,

I'm going to try to help, but I think the best thing to do is to go to and create an issue for this. I'm going to need to see some installation logs if possible, and they'll be difficult to attach here, You should already have a support account (for free) when you downloaded/registered your copy of Intel(R) C++ Studio XE, but let me know if you aren't able to access it. When you create the issue, you should get an ID number (6000XXXXXX). Update the thread here with the number so that I know you submitted it.

In the meantime, a couple things I'll want to know that you can provide in the Premier issue as well:

1. Please clarify that you installed Intel(R) C++ Studio XE 2013 SP1 and if it was the first product or an update, or if it was Intel(R) C++ Composer XE 2013 SP1, or a different version. For installation, there's a significant difference between Studio XE and Composer XE, so it's important to distinguish. The filename of the tarball you're installing is probably the easiest way to provide that info.

2. There should be installation log files created in your tmp directory. Look for recently created .log files with "intel" in the filenames. You'll want to provide those to us if you can access them.

I agree with Barry - the installation should not have done this. We'll do what we can to address this for you.

I used openSUSE instead of Ubuntu now. As it is no supported us, the power consumption analysis driver (or something like that, I don't remember the exact wording) was not installed and OpenSUSE seems to work fine with the Studio XE now.

And it is Intel® C++ Studio XE for Linux, sorry for mixing that up.


more precisely, it is 2013 SP1 U1

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