Cilkplus Installation Problem on mac

Cilkplus Installation Problem on mac


Environment: macOS SIERRA.

I am trying to install cilkplus using the instruction described here. I also have changed the path according to the instruction. However, I am facing this error (screenshot attached) constantly. Can anyone please help me to resolve this issue?



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I think you need to add a library search path when compiling your cilk code as follows.

clang -fcilkplus test.c -o test -L <library path>

<library path> should be the directory that contains the Cilk runtime library, libcilkrts.5.dylib.


Thanks a lot for your answer. Yes, it resolves that problem. When I have compiled and run the sample.c (attached below) I got no errors. However, when I tried to compile another file fib.cpp (attached below) I got an error message specifying (attached below)...
/Users/llvm/projects/compiler-rt/lib/cilk/include/cilk/common.h:79:13: fatal error:
      'cassert' file not found

any idea why I am facing this error? Thank you very much for the help.



Check if your clang/clang++ is searching the location of the headers by including "-v" (verbose) option.

It must be searching a location like this if Xcode is installed:


If it is not, include the directory that contains "cassert" in your search path.

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