cilk_for and executable stacks (GCC 4.8.1 20130520)

cilk_for and executable stacks (GCC 4.8.1 20130520)

Hi All,

I am new to the forum and have been using Intel Cilk Plus with GCC for some time now. 

I installed GCC Cilk Plus as per the instructions in

I get a segmentation fault in a program having cilk_for when I use the linker option -Wl,-z,noexecstack. The program works fine without this linker option.

Does cilk_for require executable stacks to be enabled?


Thank you


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I don't think there exist such restrictions.

Can you try newer GCC version (5 or later) and see if it is reproducible?

Hi Hansang,

Thank you for your suggestion. I compiled my program using GCC 5.5 compiler and was able to run the program without any segmentation fault (even after enabling -Wl,-z,noexecstack).

So, I think what I saw earlier is a problem with the compiler built using cilkplus-4_8-branch based on the GCC4.8 version.


A new response to one of my bug reports against cilkplus hinted that bug fixes may not happen due to the debate about removing support entirely from gcc 8.  Responders pointed out that my reproducer fails in different ways under gcc and g++, although it works under icc and icpc.  It was hinted to be an issue with the inherent type of a reducer not being the same as its arguments.

I suppose if Intel has marked Cilk(tm) plus as deprecated in the current release, there is little support for continued gcc cilkplus.

When I build gcc under WSL, it continues to attempt to build cilkplus, but the result is broken.

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