cilk++ compiling problem

cilk++ compiling problem

HI,I was trying to run cilk++ code in cluster with intel-12.0 compiler.However, everytime when I was using the command 'icpc -o test test.cpp', there was a error called:name followed by "::" must be a class or namespace nameI used cilk::run() function in my code.And not only this function cannot work well, but also all other cilk functions just get the same problem.I hope you guys can help me with this problem.Best,Lingchen

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The V12.0 Intel C/C++ compiler was the first release of Intel Cilk Plus.

As you've noted, there are incompatible changes in the implementation of Cilk between Intel Cilk Plus and Cilk++. These are detailed in the article Converting a Cilk Arts Cilk++ application to Intel Cilk Plus. One of the key ones is that the cilk::context class has been removed, since functions using the Cilk keyworkds now use standard C/C++ linkage.

- Barry

Thanks, Barry.

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