Problem using cilkview

Problem using cilkview

Hi all,

I am trying to use Cilkview for a project and I have one mysterious error :
It runs the program and then suddenly :
BUG: Unknown system metacall 6:00000000001DEA30 @ 000000018000DCF6
cilkview error: command exited with error condition: 3

Here is the command line that I used :
cilkview puzzlediff_cpp.exe 0_5mpix_boat.jpg D:\\jigs\\Puzzle_vs2010\\x64\\Debug

It seems that my program exit with a non-zero value...but it is not the case (I think...).

What cilk code do I have in my program ??
Only a "cilk_for" and that's it !!
If I remove "cilk_for" keyword and replace it by a classic "for" I can use cilkview on my program...but of course the values are not very interesting.

The code looks like this :
cilk_for(int i = 0; i < file_count+1; i++)
//many function calls, no return :)
} //end of the big for loop

Finally, this is not logic : because I am sure that there are no "return" included in the cilk_for loop : the program would not compile !

Details :

  • Code is compiled for x64 architecture. (Does it make any difference for cilkview ???)
  • I work on a Windows machine : Win7 x64
  • RAM 4.00GB
  • CPU : Intel E8400, 3.Ghz

Thank you for your help.

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Cilk++ never supported Win64, which meansyou're using Intel Cilk Plus, not Intel Cilk++. So you've posted this in the wrong forum. But it's an easy error to make and we'll ignore that. Please use the correct forum in the future.

Cilkview should support both x86 and x64, but thank you for giving us that bit of information.

HYPER_IGNORE_MEMORY_BLOCK (Metacall 6) was added about 8 months ago and recent versions of Cilkscreen and Cilkview should support it.

What version of the Intel Cilk SDK do you have installed? If Cilkview isn't displaying a version, there are a number of ways to find it.

  • Open Control Panel and click on "Programs and Features". There should be an entry for "Intel Cilk Plus Tools" with a version number.
  • Go to your Cilk Tools install directory (which defaults to C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\CilkTools), then go to the "bin" subdirectory,right click on cilkview.exe and select "Properties" from the context menu. Go to the "Details" tab. I'm looking for either the "File version" or "Product version" (they're basically the same data).

What version of ICL and the Cilk runtime are you using? You can check by looking at the file properties for cilkrts20.dll.

The currently released version of the Cilk Plus SDK for ICL v12.1 is build 2061. If you're running an earlier version, please download the latest copy from

- Barry

Thank you for your help

Sorry for posting in the wrong forum :)

When I type "cilkview -v" i get this :
cilkview v2.0.1113.0
Copyright (c) 2010 Intel Corp. All rights reserved

When I right click this file : cilkrts20.dll and then go to properties I have this information :
File version 2.0.1650.0
Product version 2.0.1650.0
Size 256KB

I confirm that I am using Intel Cilk Plus
This is a university project so I work on Windows machine on which I don't have any rights : so that means that I can't install any newer version of Cilk2.0.1650.02.0.1650.02.0.1650.0

The Cilk runtime and the Cilk tools are built from the same repository. Build 1650 is from the ICL 12.1 release. So you should update to the new version of the Cilk tools from

- Barry

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