Error compiling cilk_spawn

Error compiling cilk_spawn


I am using a CILK++ code from Linux and trying to compile it in windows. Here is the error I get.

My code is :
void pbfs_walk_Bag(Bag*, Bag_reducer*, unsigned int, unsigned int[]) const;
cilk_spawn pbfs_walk_Bag(b, next, newdist, distances);

Errors I get:
1>.\\src\\graph.cilk(195) : error C2780: 'void __cilk_s::spawn_pm(__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box)>,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,__cilk_box,volatile const C *,R &)' : expects 34 arguments - 6 provided

Can anyone help me?

Kay Seah

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Hi Kay,

The Cilk++ compiler on Windows had a few idiosynchracies that were never fully resolved. I don't remember this one in particular, but you obviously hit a bug. It has been well over two years since we moved on to Cilk Plus and have stopped maintenance on the Cilk++ compiler.

Let me suggest a couple of things.

  1. If you can isolate the code in question in its own function (even if you end up with a sync right after the spawn), you might get the code to compile. Then, move context from the original code into the new code until you find out what triggered the problem. You might be able to figure out a work-around or at least post more details to this forum.
  2. In the long run, you're going to want to move to Cilk Plus, either using the Intel compiler or (on Linux) the newly-released branch of gcc with Cilk Plus. Go to and check to see which version of parallel composer might be right for you. (Parallel composer the name that Intel gives to its compiler suite that includes Cilk techology. Parallel Studio is a large program suite that includes Parallel Composer and a number of other very useful parallel programming tools.)

Good luck,

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