Cilk ++ Release

Cilk ++ Release

Which Intel compiler is available that supports Intel Cilk and Ubuntu and legacy c code?I know that Intel Parallel Studio suports Cilk and c code, but it is only available for Windows. A previous communication said this. I use Ubuntu and that is what I want. There was a recent launch for a Linux supporting compiler; is this the one,I can use?

Again it shouldhavethese 3 characteristics:

1. support legacy c code,

2. support Intel Cilk, and

3. availability in Ubuntu.

Please inform me what product does this and where can I down load it for a 30 day trial?


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The product you want is Intel Composer XE 2011.


Also, you can go to for more information. Any of the products that contains the C++ Compiler on Linux* should work. The most streamlined product that contains that is the Intel C++ Composer XE for Linux*.

I tried to install it last night and everything was fine, but the installation warned me that I did not have the JAVA runtime environment (JRE) installed and I should install that or I will have major issues with the deuggger.

I want install JRE. It seemed to not be in the Ubuntu online software repository, my first choice because it will easily get the right version for Ubuntu 10.04.

I tried to look for it on the web and found a Windows version, but no luck for an Ubuntu version much less one for Ubuntu 10.04.

Where can I find this?


PS. Do you need to know JAVA to use the JRE?I hope not.

Okay, the question is answered. I was instructed on how to make a few changes in the repository manager in order to allow it to find and upload the JRE.

I cannot do that now, but I will try it when I get my Ubuntu machoine to an internet connection.


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