Cilkscreen with mixed code

Cilkscreen with mixed code


I just started trying to use Cilk++ with VS2008 and I am trying to make it work within my existing code. I have started by trying to replace the sorting routines in a custom array type that I have with the demo qsort program. It all appears to work okay but when I tried to test the cilkscreen with it it came back with a message that there was no Cilk code found.

"Warning: Instrumentation never enabled - no Cilk++ code found"

Is it even possible to use Cilkscreen with mixed code?


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The warning doesn't mean that there is no Cilk++ code in the program. It means that no Cilk++ code ever got executed. You may need to execute the program with a different data set that gives better code coverage.

Hello thanks for the reply. I have tried a few other things now and did get the cilkscreen program to list some race conditions that I purposefully added while using mixed code. But I am still a little bit confused.

Most of the time I am still getting the "no Cilk++ code found" warning when I try to use the cilkscreen program but I am pretty sure that cilk is doing something because the output lines that I added to the cilk code are being printed out of order compared to what a serial program would do. I have tried adding the


command in the function called by the cilk::context run function but that seems to have not done anything. Are there any onther reasons why the Instrumentition would never be enabled?


Do you have multiple threads of your own (pthreads, Winthreads, etc.)? Cilkscreen can only follow one thread (an unfortunate limitation), and it may follow the wrong one if there are multiple user threads in the picture.

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