Get cilkpp to pass option to linker "/FIXED:NO"

Get cilkpp to pass option to linker "/FIXED:NO"

Hi there,How can I get cilkpp to pass the option "/FIXED:NO" onto the linker? If I call cilkpp /FIXED:NO, it seems to provide this option to CL and not LINK.

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I just checked, and at least as of VS2005, CL doesn't treat /FIXED specially. I just tried it with a "Hello World" program, and the command cl /fixed:no hello.c gave me a warning that CL was ignoring the unrecognized command. Trying it in upper case confused the parser since it /FI specifies a forced include file.

Just like with CL, CILKPP uses the "/LINK" option to specify that all parameters after it are to be passed to the linker. So you'd use /LINK /FIXED:NO .

- Barry

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