cilkscreen crash

cilkscreen crash

running cilk 8503 on centos 5.5when running cilkscreen on one of our tests, we sometimes see this:C:Tool (or Pin) caused signal 11 at PC 0x2b41b485dc3fwhat should we do?

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Does cilkscreen sometimes _not_ cause signal 11? If it does it every time, it might be that your kernel isn't supported by PIN. If it only crashes sometimes, that's a little more unusual. Does your application use a lot of memory?

Thanks for your quick response. cilkscreen does not crash all of the time, just about 1/2 of the time.the VM size of cilkscreen is about 1/10 of memory (or 500MB on my machine).is it possible that PIN is dereferencing an invalid pointer, thus getting a SIGSEGV?with the same test, i have also seen this assert hit:A:Source/pin/vm/vm.cpp:RecoverPC:1028: assertion failed: VMSVC_hasIaddr(vmsvc)

Interesting. I'm contacting the PIN team.

Any update on this problem? Do you need more information?ThanksRich Prohaska

I'm sorry about the delay, Rich. I'm in contact with a member of the Pin team, and she may post here, or there may be a better place to discuss the issue. I'm still on it, though.

Hi Rich,

Would you send me your email address ( Someone on the Pin team will contact you directly.


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