build errors

build errors

Hi I'm new to CILK++ but have been following the CILK++ programmers guide to convert an existing C++ program to a cilk++ program. When I include the cilk.h header file and build I get the following error:

C:\\Program Files\\Intel\\Cilk\\include\\cilk.h(212) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'cilki/hyperobject.h': No such file or directory

are there some additional instructions on how to setup the environment correctly?

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It is hard to understand what is going on here. Clearly, the compiler is finding the path to cilk.h, but it is not finding the subdirectory in the same folder. Did you use the Cilk++ installer? If you visit C:\Program Files\Intel\Cilk\include in the explorer, do you see a cilki subfolder and, if so, is there a hyperobject.h file in there? If not, I suggest that you uninstall and reinstall Cilk++. Make sure that Visual Studio is not running when you uninstall and reinstall.

Otherwise, please look at the build log and post the actual command line that the project generated.

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