Errors while converting from c++ to cilk++

Errors while converting from c++ to cilk++

I am new to cilk++. I am trying to convert a project (c++ & fltk) to cilk++ (on windows , visual studio 2005) I used the "convert to cilk" option on the context menu. I also included the cilk.h header file & renamed main to cilk_main. Now when I try to build I getfollowing errors.All errors point to the headerfile that i have included related to the project.

Error 1 error: unrecognized token

Error 2 error: expected a declaration

Error 3 error: unrecognized token

Error 4 error: "#" not expected here

Error 24 internal error: assertion failed: conv_string_literal: length miscalculated (literals.c, line 1395)

Error 25 error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from "Compiling Cilk++ files..."

what am I missing ?

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