combined speedup curves in Cilkview for multiple algorithms?

combined speedup curves in Cilkview for multiple algorithms?


I was wondering whether there was any functionality in Cilkview to plot multiple speedup curves on the same graph, normalized to the value of one particular run?

A lot of times, I find myself trying to compare different parallel algorithms for the same problem, and trying to measure the speedup of those algorithms relative to the fastest serial algorithm. Usually, I end up running the same program multiple times, with a switch for the type of algorithm for I want to benchmark. I know how to get Cilkview to generate one plot for each algorithm, but is there a mechanism there for combining the plots?

As an example, recently I wanted to see the effect of parallelizing the merge operation vs. not parallelizing the merge vs. serial code.
I ended up generating a plot like the one attached.

I generate this kind of plot frequently enough that I've ended up writing scripts to parse Cilkview .csv files and generating my own gnuplot code for a combined speedup curve. But is there an easy way to do this using Cilkview, or any plans in the future for tools to generate such curves?



Downloadapplication/postscript MergeSort5e7_Speedup.eps20.26 KB
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Jim,Thanks for the suggestion. As you know, the data is available to export into any charting/graphing program that you want, so you can (with some work) generate charts with any combination of data. We'll take your suggestion into account as we consider features for possible future,steve

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