Developing Cilk++ on a Mac in Eclipse

Developing Cilk++ on a Mac in Eclipse

Hi, I would like to develop on my Mac, running OS 10.5.8 and my preferred IDE is eclipse. I've gotten eclipse to recognize the .cilk file names, by adding a new File Type to my project properties. Currently, I have my eclipse project directory mounted to a linux machine and I SSH in to build.

Is there any way to get eclipse to recognize the cilk_spawn, cilk_sync, and cilk_for syntax as valid? Alternatively, is there any way to get it to ignore the syntax so it doesn't display random warnings?


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I'm afraid that none of us in the Cilk team use Eclipse, so we can't offer any useful tips here! Maybe there's another participant on the forum who knwos more about Eclipse?

I assume you are cross-compiling, because there is no Cilk++ support for Mac included in the WhatIf software download.



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