using gdb with cilk++

using gdb with cilk++

I am trying to use the gdb provided with cilk++ to debug a parallel program. However, I get the following error when loading trying to run gdb:

gdb: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or director

I get this even when running gdb with no args. I added the cilk/bin to the front of my PATH variable and I confirmed that the gdb being used is the one in cilk/bin. Any ideas what might be wrong?

- Sat

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Somehow the gdb binary got linked with the standard Linux expat library. That isn't part of the Cilk support. It couldbe requiredforan essential feature of plain gdbor it could be the result of an autoconf glitch. The easiest solution would be to install the libexpat package on your system.

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