Cilk++ source code

Cilk++ source code


We are Mtech Students from international Institute of Information Technology Bangalore, We are working on a project which involves porting of CILK++ on MAC OS-X, for our project we require the source code of Cilk++. Since it is an opensource project we are looking forward to get help from you.

Please reply as soon as possible. If you want we can give you further details of our project

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Thanks for your interest in Cilk++. The compiler, based on GCC, is released open source. There is a SourceForge project that contains the GCC source code; details are in the release notes for the GCC version of Cilk++ here on the Whatif site. However, source code for the runtime is not currently available under an open source license, and no version for MAC OS-X was ever released. I am interested in learning more about your project; feel free to contact me directly by email at the following email address: stephen.t.lewin-berlin.



Hello thanks for the reply...sir ,we trying to port cilk++ on mac OSX.port in the sense using the code already available we have to modify the code somehow ,to make it work on mac we are understanding the directories of cilk++ that is provided for linux OS from site we confused with files that are necessary during can u please help us to identify the code for these so that we would port cilk++ to mac OSX.Also if u could give information regarding cilk to be ported on mac OSX..

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