Cilk++ SDK - running code (Windows)

Cilk++ SDK - running code (Windows)

I've downloaded the Intel Cilk++ SDK for Windows ( and I am exploring the examples. The qsort example imported into MS Visual Studio and compiles there fine (as a Release build) and runs from VS (Ctlr-F5): the example opens a console window and the program runs, producing output. However, when I startqsort.exe from shell window in GNU Emacs (outside of VS) I get no output:



If I time the command, it only consumes 0m0.133s not the 1+ seconds I get when run in VS. My bash shell reports a return code of 53.

qsort.exe does work if I run it from a fresh CMD window (Start > Run > CMD):

Sorting 10000000 integers
1.391 seconds
Sort succeeded.


It only fails inside GNU Emacs.

If I create a basic (non-Cilk) Hello World Windows32 console app in VS using iostream and

std::cout << "Hello, world!" << std::endl;

this runs correctly inside a GNU Emacs shell.

Is there something different about how Cilk programs use iostream or link with other libraries that can account for the difference?

(Sorry if there is a better Forum name - point me to one and I'll post there, but I could not find a forum specifically for Intel Cilk++)


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I figured out the solution - the Cilk++ install adds some entries to the PATH; I had started my GNU Emacs session before installing Cilk++. Once I restarted GNU Emacs and started a new shell, qsort.exe ran as expected.

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