CILK build in Windows

CILK build in Windows

I downloaded the CILK++ SDK version 1.1, and succeeded to run few examples in Windows both from the command line and from the Visual Studio.

Now - I have a package TAUCS (sparse linear solver), which was written in C, and includes CILK directives.
I build this package through a makefile.
I know that for Irix or Solaris, I need to append these lines to the makefile:

CILKC = /export/home/stoledo/cilk-devel/current/support/cilkclocal
CILKFLAGS = -O3 -x cilk


My question is what should I append in the makefile for Win32 ?
Should I download other CILK compiler?
thanks in advance

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The TUACS package was written for MIT Cilk, which has a different syntax than Cilk++. We have not tried porting that package to Cilk++, so I don't know how difficult it would be to port.


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