Can Cluster Runtimes & Checker support RHEL 6.2?

Can Cluster Runtimes & Checker support RHEL 6.2?

Hi all,I tried to install Cluster Runtimes on RHEL(Red Hat Enterprise Linux) 6.2 platforms, but system reported error "Failed file dependences". Does Cluster Runtimes support RHEL 6.2?The version of Cluster Runtimes : 3.2-1, Cluster Checker : 1.8Thanks.

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Sorry, maybe my description is not so clear, report again...This is the error message that system reports while I am installing Cluster_Runtime:Installing "Intel Composer XE 2011 Update 4 for Linux*"error: Failed dependencies: /usr/lib/ is needed by intel-openmp-191-12.0-4.i486ERROR: Could not install package ./rpm/intel-openmp-191-12.0-4.i486.rpmEven I copy the file /usr/lib64/ to/usr/lib/, the error message still appears. I check the README of Cluster-Runtime package, it states that Cluster_Runtime 3.2 just supports RHEL 4 or 5.Does Intel have new version of Cluster_Runtime package for supporting RHEL 6? or how can I resolve the file dependency problem?Can anyone give me some advices?Thanks a lot.

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I haven't seen any problem installing current Intel64 compilers on RHEL6.2, when the prerequisites have been installed first. The main prerequisite is the full g++ development system, but you can read about it in the install notes. For the ia32 version of Intel compilers on x86_64, you also need the 32-bit g++ development system, which may not be clear how to install, but you didn't say anything about difficulty at that step.
Red Hat isn't like Ubuntu; you would break your g++ installation by over-writing the (32-bit) with the 64-bit one.
The 32-bit development glibc should be available on your installation media even if the full 32-bit g++ is not present. If you have installed both 32- and 64-bit glibc-devel, you can install the 32- and 64-bit g++ from a Red Hat or CentOS mirror. If you don't want to install 32-bit g++, you'll need to skip the Intel ia32 components and stick with 64-bit mode.

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