More than 16 cores

More than 16 cores

Hello,I have an system with 32 processors (cores), but on large messages the performance decreases. Are there a set of variables I should change when going from a 16 core system to a 32 core system.ThanksDavid Race

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Hi David,

Have you tried using the tuning capability? This is described in the Intel MPI Library Reference Manual (Chapter4 in Windows* or Chapter3 in Linux*). We provide an automatic tuning utility that will test different values for the tuning parameters based on results from the Intel MPI Benchmarks or a different, user-specified application.

This should give you a starting point to improve your application's performance. If you can provide more details about the application (resource and communication usage in particular) and the systems in questions, I can try to give some additional information.

James Tullos
Technical Consulting Engineer
Intel Cluster Tools

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