print mpi rank on stdout

print mpi rank on stdout

When running an f90/mpi code, I would like to prefix all lines written
to stdout with the rank of the mpi task, so after completion, I can sort
all stdout to separate files for each mpi task. The AIX/xlf90 compiler with IBM MPI lib
has an env var to do this, is this possible w/ ifort + Intel MPI? Thanks,

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Hi Ben,

You can use the -l mpirun option just for that purpose. Here is an excerpt from our Reference Manual:

Use this option to insert the MPI process rank at the beginning of all lines written to the standard output.

I'm not sure the font here is clear but this is the letter "l" (as in line), and not the number 1.

Let us know if this helps.


Wow, that was easy, works great! Thanks a lot Gergana, your quick response is greatly appreciated!


Glad it helped :)


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