Two Infiniband networks.

Two Infiniband networks.

Hello all!I have a SGI cluster with two separated infiniband networks. I want to use both networks for MPI comunications, how do I configure the Intel MPI this way?
There's anything to do with the "Set I_MPI_DEVICE=:"command?Thank you for your attention.Best regards.

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Yes, it is possible with multirail.

Release Notes:
"Native InfiniBand* interface (OFED* verbs) support with multirail capability for ultimate InfiniBand* performance
- Set I_MPI_FABRICS=ofa for OFED* verbs only
- Set I_MPI_FABRICS=shm:ofa for shared memory and OFED* verbs
- Set I_MPI_OFA_NUM_ADAPTERS, etc., for multirail transfers"

Please take a look atI_MPI_OFA_NUM_ADAPTERS andI_MPI_OFA_NUM_PORTS also.

Dmitry Sivkov

Hi Dmitry, thank you for your quick response!Your advice will be very helpful, I'll take a look at those options in the manual to be sure of what I'm doing :)Thank you again!

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