Double Install of Intel Cluster Studio ICS with Single User License

Double Install of Intel Cluster Studio ICS with Single User License


I have a single user license for ICS 2011.

I intend to install ICS on a multicore machine for developping the software.
Parallel I want to install, test and run the software on my small cluster (basically just MPI is needed).
The reason for this approach is, that I do not want to keep running the whole cluster during developping.

#1: Is this kind of double install with single user license possible?
#2: From your perspective, is this approach practical?


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It's entirely normal to develop and test initially on a single node or pair of nodes, either separate from or part of your larger cluster.

Hi Karl,

If you need MPI only you can install RTO (Run-time only) version of the Intel MPI Library. This is a free of charge version and you can install it on as many nodes as you have.


Hello Dmitry, Hello TimP,

thank you very much for your answers!

I will start with a single node and lateron move to the cluster. In fact that is the way I did it before. I just felt unshure, because it`s cumbersome.

OK, this involves the next license question:

After developping the software I want to move completely to the cluster and do there some fine tuning.
Is it possible to move the license from one computer to the other?


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