machines.LINUX file for Installing intel cluster studio

machines.LINUX file for Installing intel cluster studio

I am about to install the Intel Cluster Studio 2011 for Linux . We have a Linux file server that I want to
install the Intel Cluster Studio 2011 on. I want to install it into a /opt/local/intel2011 on our main file server.
This file system is mounted on all of our LINUX systems including our clusters. I am not sure what to
put into the machines.LINUX file--Do I just put our main fileserver's host name into the machines.LINUX file as the master node and no other systems since all of the other LINUX systems will have this /opt/local/intel2011 mounted on
them or is there something else I need to do.


Vic Tisone

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Hi Vic,

machines.LINUX is needed for installation on each node only. If you are using a shared drive you don't need to use machine.LINUX, but please pay attention that this is other type of installation.
In "Advanced
Installation Options
" please set "Installation Type" to "current node"
It will be installed into a shared directory and available from all nodes.


Thanks so much for the response--I was a little confused as to what I needed to do about the machine.LINUX file I gather from what you sent me that I just need to pick the Installation type "Current node" and it will install into the directory I had specfied like "/opt/local/intel2011" in my case which resides on our main fileserver and is mounted on all of LINUX systems
including our LINUX cluster that some users will be using. I gather then that I leave it up to the indiviual users,
to run their own "sshconnectivity" so that they can set up their own .ssh directory for the systems or cluster they want
to use in their home directory which is also mounted on all of our LINUX systems including our LINUX cluster.


what should be the format of machines.linux file, I have put compute node hostname per line, but while checking install log following is coming

for compute-11-37 ( eg)

BASH: cluster_prereq_is_remote_dir_mounted(): compute-11-37 <- /opt/intel -> compute-12-26
BASH: cluster_prereq_is_remote_dir_mounted(): compute-11-37 <- /opt/intel -> compute-12-27
BASH: cluster_prereq_is_remote_dir_mounted(): compute-11-37 <- /opt/intel -> compute-12-28
BASH: cluster_prereq_is_remote_dir_mounted(): compute-11-37 <- /opt/intel -> compute-12-29
BASH: cluster_prereq_is_remote_dir_mounted(): compute-11-37 <- /opt/intel -> compute-12-3
BASH: cluster_prereq_is_remote_dir_mounted(): compute-11-37 <- /opt/intel -> compute-12-30
BASH: cluster_prereq_is_remote_dir_mounted(): compute-11-37 <- /opt/intel -> compute-12-31

pls suggest

Names or IP (not both) are sufficient (example for 2 nodes):


I agree, it seems so trivial the doc writers forgot to clue us in.

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