IDB debugging of a 32 bit MPI app on Intel Cluster Dev Toolkit 11.1

IDB debugging of a 32 bit MPI app on Intel Cluster Dev Toolkit 11.1

I am having issues debugging a 32 bit C++/ MPI app on a Red Hat 5.4 Enterprise 64 bit/ Intel 5500 Xeon system, Intel Cluster Development Toolkit, Compiler Ed. 11.1, Python 2.4.3

I have followed another post that said to change idb to link to the command line version idbc.

My tools are as follows:

which idb -> /opt/intel/Compiler/11.1/072/bin/intel64/idb
which mpiexec -> /opt/intel/impi/
which mpiicc -> /opt/intel/impi/
which mpdboot -> /opt/intel/impi/

$ mpiicc -g mpi_testsome.cpp -o mpi_testsome
$mpdboot -n 1
$mpiexec -idb -n 10 -env I_MPI_FAULT_CONTINUE on -env I_MPI_FABRICS tcp:tcp ./mpi_testsome

mpd_uncaught_exception_tb handling:
exceptions.ImportError: /opt/intel/impi/ wrong ELFCLASS32
/opt/intel/impi/ 1196 mpiexec import mtv
/opt/intel/impi/ 3205 ? mpiexec()

All of my files seem to be 32 bit binaries. Any ideas on what is wrong?

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Hi Jim,

Might be "file `which python`" will help you to understand the reason?
You are using 64-bit python which is trying to 'import' 32-bit library, hence the error.

Everything in your enviroment has to be 32-bit.


After some playing with the 32 bit python package, I got it working by having a /usr/bin/python32 in addition to the /usr/bin/python which was 64 bit. I modified /ia32/mpiexec to call python32 and all works now. Thanks for the insight.

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