How can I use MPI?

How can I use MPI?

Hellow everyone,

I installed the Parallel Studio XE 2011 non-commercial verison for
linux on a linux cluster (64bit, non-root mode). However, after
installation I found that there were no MPI compiler. I note that there is a "Intel Cluster Studio 2011 for Linux" which contains MPI, but it seems there is no non-commercial version of it.

How can I use MPI? Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance!

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There is evaluation version of the Cluster Studio 2011.
I'm not sure about non-commercial version, but there is RTO MPI library which you can download for free.


Hello Gbliu,

There are also two good public-domain MPI codes: MPICH2 and Openmpi.


Dmitry, could you add some relevant links, please?


I'd add the following links:
Inside HPC

And of cause you can find a lot more, for example: or just a tutorial.


sorry for confusing ...

In my previous post I meant links for Intel RTO MPI download, not for MPI general info sites.


Please try this link. 'Resources' tab - look for "Download Free Runtime Environment Kit".


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