I_MPI_DEBUG output

I_MPI_DEBUG output

I have a client that has a problem with my MPI enabled product.
To find out more of his problem i have asked him to run the following command

mpiexec -n 2 -localonly -genv I_MPI_DEBUG 100 program

I get the following output and I wonder why its [-1], on other pc's its [#rank] and why no hostname is specified. After the last line i receive an Appcrash, this is directly after MPI_Init.

Any idea how to attack this problem?

[-1] MPI startup(): I_MPI_DEBUG=100

[-1] MPI startup(): set domain to {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7} on node

[-1] MPI startup(): Recognition level=1. Platform code=3. Device=0

[-1] MPI startup(): Parent configuration:(intra=0 inter=0 flags=0), (code=3 ppn=0)




[-1] Rank Pid Node name Pin cpu

[-1] 0 3684 {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7}

Thanks for your input and help


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Hi Jesper,

Could you please provide information of the Intel MPI version? If your customer sees this error - can you reproduce the issue on your cluster with the same command line? Does the application crash without I_MPI_DEBUG? Could you suggest running the application without '-localonly'?
At the moment it's not clear the reason of such behaviour.


Hi Dmitry and thanks for you reply

The application crashes in the same way without the I_MPI_DEBUG andI have instructed our customer to try and do a run with -host instead of -localonly. I am currently waiting for a reply.
Sadly the problem cannot be reproduced on our cluster, however i am trying to get direct access to his computer (the customer has the same problem on several computers - all with a Hungarian windows 7)
The mpiexec -version output is:

Intel MPI Library for Windows* OS, Version 4.0 Build 2/18/2010 1:00:47 PM

Copyright (C) 2007-2010, Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.

Which indicate the correct version - we install the MPI-RT package.

In the output from I_MPI_DEBUG as i read it the number in the [ ] should be the rank of the process right?
and do you know of a correct example where the hostname is not listed in the last part of the output?



-1 in square brackets means that the rank number was not assigned yet. Usually debug output goes from rank 0, but if initialization was not complete properly then you can see [-1]. It happens somethimes but not so often.

>do you know of a correct example where the hostname is not listed in the last part of the output
No, I don't. Does the customer use pathes with local characters (non-english)? Might be this the reason?


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