ictvars.sh and friends add many times the same path to environment variables

ictvars.sh and friends add many times the same path to environment variables


When I execute ictvars.sh (and consequently his friends) I see that the same path is added many times. For example:




Is it a bug or a feature ? ;)

I'm writing module file to modify our cluster environment in order that the users don't have to use the ictvars.sh. So I would like to know if I have to had 3 times the same path for CPATH for example.

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Hi Guillaume,

Of cause this is a feature! :-)
ictvars.sh just run a few other xxxvars.sh scripts for compilers, mkl, mpi and so on. And each of them can add the same directory to an environment variable. If you can create a script which will include one directory only once feel free to do it - it's not so difficult.
Having a module file is a good idea!


Thx Dmitry!

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