Exit Code 128?

Exit Code 128?

What does "exit code 128" represents?These happen to all the processes when using Intel MPI Library 4 on Windows Server 2003.My program compile and run well when using MPI Library 4 on Windows Server 2008.Thanks.

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Good Day,I have figured out, what does the exit code 128 represent?For my program, I have forgotten to bundle the necessary (implicit) dlls with it when distributing.You can also use the option /MD in Debug (or /MT in Release) when within Visual Studio 2010. This method does not require you to bundle the (implicit) dlls with your program. However, those dlls that you specifies explicitly must still be bundled.http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/2kzt1wy3(v=vs.80).aspxThanks.

Good Day,Another issue that results in having exit code 128 is the usage of mpiexec on a remote machine that is not one of the participating nodes in the data processing.Thanks.

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