Package/software for creating cluster

Package/software for creating cluster

HIPlease list the type of sofware package so as to creat a clusterI wish if someone could share some basics on cluster or article etcRegardsN D Seenthil Ram

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It would be nice to know operating system you are going to use.
There is a tool called Intel CLuster Studio 2011 which includes compilers, MPI library, math libraries - everything you need to create distributed applications.

You could start from googling the Internet - there is a lot of information about cluster, High Performance Computers, distributed calculations and so on.


Did you look up "Rocks clusters" with your search engine?
Did you check the site ?
At the least, these might help you define your questions.

Hi DmitryIthank you for your reply. I will be using both windows and Linux for clustering.

HI TimpThank you for your link. Its interesting. I'll try to cluster CPU and post the result

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