Linking MPICH2 with MKL

Linking MPICH2 with MKL


in addition to the thread available under, I have a problem linking MPICH2 and MKL with my Visual Studio 2008 project (Intel Fortran 11 compiler).
I link a number of
libraries to my project - if I do that without /assume:underscore, I get
a whole lot of linker errors about unresolved symbols, whose names all
start with an underscore (but don't end with one).

error LNK2001: unresolved symbol "_MPI_Allreduce". mkl_blacs_mpich2.lib(dgsum2d_.oo)

I use /assume:underscore, however, all the imported symbols are fine,
but I get linker errors in the object file of my program. The unresolved
symbols here start and end with an underscore.

error LNK2001: unresolved symbol "_MPI_NULL_COPY_FN_". test.obj

From what I understood there are two calling conventions here. Is there a way to fix this problem without using other libraries?


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Hi Martin,

Looks you have code compiled for different platforms.
If you compile your application for Intel64 architecture you need to link with mkl_blacs_mpich2_lp64.lib.
32-bit version of of the mkl_blacs_mpich2.lib contains names with underscore and that's OK.

BTW: mpich2 should be compiled for the same architecture.


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