Initial attempt to use two Windows boxes fails for no obvious reason

Initial attempt to use two Windows boxes fails for no obvious reason

I have installed on two Windows systems
I have built an MPI application and successfully run it on both the two systems, as a 3 node mpi program

Now I want to use BOTH the systems as my cluster to run the application
I have entered enough info into the wmpiexec window to build the following command...

"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Intel\\MPI\\\\em64t\\bin\\mpiexec.exe" -noprompt -wdir "\\\\Node1\\Users\\myUserName\\Documents\\Visual Studio 2010\\Projects\\MyMpiSolution\\MyMpiProject" -genv I_MPI_DEBUG 5 -hosts 2 2 1 "\\\\Node1\\Users\\myUserName\\Documents\\Visual Studio 2010\\Projects

After about 30 seconds, in the wmpiexec text window, I see

abort: Unable to connect to '',
sock error: Error = -1

I have no idea how to debug this, and the documentation does not tell me anything useful

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Hi Bevin,

I think that it will be more convenient to discuss this problem via e-mail.

Everyone who wants to run MPI programs on Windows need to be sure that he(she) is in "Remote Desktop Users" group.
How to add a user to this goup is here.

Also you need to check that smpd service is up and running on all machines.
spmd -status


With the Intel MPIteam's support, we narrowed this down to a firewall problem.

Touse MPI on a Windows system, the firewall needs to let let through the socket traffic from both the smpd.exe AND the program itself - we think TCP protocol only but I didn't check this.

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