Single-chip Cloud Computer

Single-chip Cloud Computer

I was fascinated by Intel Single-chip Cloud Computer;
There is lot of research work happening in this area, I think Teradici's Chip also is one of them which is single chip thin client managing I/O, network, Memory management in one chip. etc reflectiing us to cloud computer but Teradici chip is less powerful and some how manages to get VMware View to run on it (entire computing happens on VM running on a remote host consider this as a cloud computer).
When we go for cloud computer we would not look for a powerful machine which connects me to cloud computing resource.

I was not clear if Intel Single-chip Cloud Computer itself is so
powerful that it can have enough compute power of a standard desktop
computer, how is it going to be helpful for a cloud computer? On Cloud computer I feel all the compute power runs , what is need for a poweful connecting device..

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I'm not quite sure what you're asking, but the SCC reallycan't be compared with a standard desktop computer. The most advanced desktop boxes today contain a handful of cores per processor, whereas SCC has 24 processor tiles with 2 cores/tile.It also has exotic features not found on PCs, such a high-bandwith 24-router mesh network, hardware support for message passing, and advanced power management of the network and tiles. All of this supports "scale-out" message passing programming models known to scale to 1000s of processors, as we see in cloud datacenters. It's like a small cloud datacenter on a chip. Each core can run a separate OS and software stack and communicate with other cores over a high-bandwith packet switched network.

Patrick Kennedy
Intel Developer Support

Hi Patrick,
Thank you for the response, do you have any links from where i can learn more about SCC?


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At thislink you can find a wealth of information regarding the SCC. Thanks for your interest!
Patrick Kennedy

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