MPI 4 mpi shared memory window with locking

MPI 4 mpi shared memory window with locking

Why does the attached code compiled :

icc test.c -g -o progtest
-L/pgsdev/com/intel/intel11.1.072/impi/ -lmpi

and run:

mpirun -np 2 progtest

return all zeros. I am trying to put a pattern of ones and zeros from rank 1 to rank zero using shared
memory windows. Rank zero is just outputting all zeros.

Downloadtext/x-csrc test.c1.36 KB
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Hi HappyIntelCamper,

Please take a look at the attached file. I hope that you'll easily find differences.

BTW: Why don't you use 'mpiicc -o progtest test.c' for compilation?



Downloadtext/x-csrc test_modified.c1.47 KB

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