MPI problem

MPI problem

Dear all,

I need to launch my application over two computers using mpi.

The PCs are:

Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit

Windows Server 2003 64 bit

Firewalls are off

If i digit the following command:
mpiexec -hosts 2 PC1 1 PC2 2 myapp.exe

it works correctly

whereas if I digit

mpiexec -hosts 2 PC1 2 PC2 1 myapp.exe

mpiexec -hosts 2 PC1 2 PC2 2 myapp.exe

it starts but during a MPI_SendRecv operation it ceases printing the following error.

"Fatal Error in PMPI Barrier: Other MPI Error, error stack:
connect failed. The semaphore timeout has expired".

Someone can help me?.

Thanks a lot

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Hi Valerio19,

Are you using Intel MPI? Could you share with us 'mpiexec -V' output?


I have found the problem.

On PC1 there was installed a virtual machine, I don't know the reason but after the disinstallation the application works correctly.


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