intel cluster studio updates

intel cluster studio updates

I noticed that with the new ics structure you don't seem to have
clear separations of components. By this I mean with ict the directory
structure for mkl for example would look like this:


With ICS this now looks like:

The big difference now is that there seems to be a global version number
with ics that is 2001.0.084 for all components.
The question is so how would one install an update to mkl if one was put
out? With ICT it would just go in the MKL folder with a new version
number. With ICS there is no directory versioning for components like

Does this mean that updates will now be released as ICS bundles of all
components rather than individual parts?


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Hi Rene,

It should be possible to update individual components of the Cluster
Studio as usual. But there is a difference in MKL installation package.
Currently it is closely integrated with composer XE installer. It is means that
an MKL Library update installer will recognize if Intel Cluster Studio is
installed on your system. It will create additional composer XE directory
(something like ics2011/composerxe-2011.1.1). All soft links inside ics201 will
be properly updated to point to the newest MKL version.


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