Running mpi jobs on nodes with different user names

Running mpi jobs on nodes with different user names

Hi,I would like to run mpi job from a host machine, as user 'gmaj'. The processes should be executed on the nodes which do not have user 'gmaj'. I would like to use a special user 'mpi' on the nodes. I'm calling mpdboot with rsh set to a script, which simply does ssh as user 'mpi'. This way mpdboot, mpdtrace and mpdringtest work fine, but when I try to use mpiexec it hangs.Logs on the nodes say:--- (launch_mpdman_via_fork 3357): invalid username :gmaj: on mpd_uncaught_except_tb handling:: 'int' object has no attribute 'send_dict_msg' /opt/intel/impi/ 3360 launch_mpdman_via_fork self.conSock.send_dict_msg(msgToSend) /opt/intel/impi/ 3268 run_one_cli (manPid,toManSock) = self.launch_mpdman_via_fork(msg,man_env) /opt/intel/impi/ 2969 do_mpdrun rv = self.run_one_cli(rank,msg) /opt/intel/impi/ 2493 handle_lhs_input self.do_mpdrun(msg) /opt/intel/impi/ 940 handle_active_streams handler(stream,*args) /opt/intel/impi/ 1798 runmainloop rv = self.streamHandler.handle_active_streams(timeout=8.0) /opt/intel/impi/ 1762 run self.runmainloop() /opt/intel/impi/ 3446've found in sources of, that it takes the username from msg['users'], received - I suppose - from mpiexec. When I hardcode 'mpi' username in (msg['username'] = 'mpi'), it works fine.But I haven't found any option in mpiboot or mpiexec to set that. Is there such an option?Thanks,Grzegorz Maj

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Hi Maj,

It's not the right way of running mpi programs. It's impossible to have such option - if it works on your cluster and doesn't mean that it will work somewhere else.


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