what is the purpose of the -rmk option to mpiexec.hydra

what is the purpose of the -rmk option to mpiexec.hydra

I can't figure out either from the documentation or from experiment what the -rmk option is supposed to do. I use a cluster that is shared via Torque (and Maui) and I see that the only supported argument to -rmk is pbs so I'm curious to find out. I thought it might supply the list of allocated nodes, but my experiments don't show that. And it doesn't help to accurately report the resources used on remote nodes... so what's it for?Ed

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Hi Edmund,

'-rmk pbs' is just a substitution for mpirun's '-f $PBS_NODEFILE'. There is no tight integration and PBS doesn't know about resouces used on remote nodes.


Thanks Dmitry, I thought I had tested that scenario, but I guess I didn't.

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