IMPI with on any Debian (for ex. Ubuntu)?

IMPI with on any Debian (for ex. Ubuntu)?

Dear Intel,

I've been using your compiler several years with a big pleasure.

I'm continue developing my skills as you continue to improve your development tools and compilers.

Thank you for that!

My question is how I can recompile all my projects with Intel MPI. I put some parallelization and want to simulate mpirun on my centrino + Ubuntu.

I follow steps on and (plus standard installation: mpivars and ect.)

And no matter which combinations of option I choose at the best I get this "I_MPI_SUBSTITUTE_INSTALLDIR/intel64/bin:"... in my $PATH. I substitute install dir by the proper one but I don't have mpiicc/mpiifort there... That means that installation went entirely wrong

This is my system info:

Linux anarx64 2.6.32-24-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP Fri Aug 20 14:21:58 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Now I plan to instal impi on the same computer using my external hard drive into Fedora x86_64 and copy everything from there to my directory...

Is there any other suggestions how to get IMPI in Ubuntu 10.04 ?

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Hi Anar,

Since Ubuntu is not supported, we don't really do much testing on any Debian-based systems with our tools. Are you using the latest Intel MPI Library 4.0? Could you provide us the contents of your mpisupport.txt file located in the installation directory?

If you're seeing issues where the env variables are not parsed correctly, I would suggest editing the mpivars scripts. So whenever you see I_MPI_SUBSTITUTE_INSTALLDIR, go ahead and do a global replace for your actual installation directory.

Also, when you say mpiicc/mpiifort are not available, do you mean you can't see them in the /intel64/bin directory at all? If not, then what do you see there? It's possible you've downloaded the runtime package, which would not include the compiler scripts. Again, the mpisupport.txt file will tell us that.

Looking forward to hearing back.


Yes Gergana,

Now I C that I downloaded a runtime package.

I believe I did it wrong...

Could you please provide a link to the package which I should install in order to get impi?

Any way, here is content of the mpi-rtsupport.txt

"Please use the following information when submitting customer support requests

Package ID: l_mpi-rt_pu_4.0.0.028
Package Contents: Intel MPI Library, Runtime Environment for Linux* OS

I edited mpivars with no help. And in /intel64/bin I see everything except the mpicc, mpicxx, mpifc, mpiifort and ect...

Thanks in Advance,


Best Reply

Thanks for providing this additional info, Anar.

Quoting Anar Yusifov

I edited mpivars with no help. And in /intel64/bin I see everything except the mpicc, mpicxx, mpifc, mpiifort and ect...

That's right. You wouldn't see any of the mpicc, mpicxx, mpifc, etc. scripts for the runtime package since we don't include them.

If you'd like to compile or link with the Intel MPI Library, you would need to purchase the full SDK (standard development toolkit). More info on how much it costs is available from We offer discounts if you're an academic or a student, etc. At this same link, you can also download a free 30-day evaluation license of the Intel MPI SDK. That way you can try it out before deciding if you want to buy or not.

I hope this helped. Let me know if you have further questions.


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