Complex Matrix alignement

Complex Matrix alignement

Dear Intel developers,
i'm trying to do cache alignement over struct array defined as is:

struct complex_32 {
    float32 r;
    float32 i;
typedef struct complex_32 complex32;
static complex32  **traces;
traces = (complex32 **)malloc( *num_elems * sizeof(complex32 *));
for (i = 0; i < *num_elems; i++) 
    traces[i] = (complex32 *)malloc( *num_samples * sizeof(complex32));

i want to align for 16 bytes. Which is the right syntax using __declspec(align(16))) ?Actually, using _mm_malloc instead of malloc, the code crashes on forst _mm_load_ps intrinsic.Thanks in advance for the help.

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Hi unrue,

This forum is dedicated to MPI, Clusters, HPC and so on. Usually engineers who can answer your question visit other forums.

I hope that you got an answer in other thread, so I'll not move it.


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