Link error with MPICH2

Link error with MPICH2

I have got linking error with MPICH2 implementation and Visual Fortran 11.1.

The following code compiles and links with no problemes :

[fxfortran]             CALL MPI_FILE_READ(handle_csc, int_buffer, 5, MPI_INTEGER,
* status, mpi_err)
* status, mpi_err)[/fxfortran]

But, if i comments the first call, the linker fails to link to MPI_FILE_READ.

Notes that, in the first case, the reading of the integer works but the characters reading fails with an acces violation.

If any one have any idea

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Hi Plumar,

Could you describe your problem more clearly.
What compiler do you use? What options do you use? Ok, it's clear that you are using MPICH2 but what version?

This forum is dedicated to the Intel MPI Library and Cluster tools. We could answer your question but please provide more details.


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