$TMPDIR question

$TMPDIR question

Hello,I've got simple question about TMPDIR behaviour of Intel MPI.We are receiving some info in the logs:

mpd: wn29_60522 (run 1652): Warning: the directory pointed by TMPDIR (/tmp/pbs.16445.mgmt1) does not exist! 
/tmp will be used.

We are using PBS Professional which sets TMPDIR to job-specific directory but it only creates it on the first compute node. I believe that this is a problem - I assume that mpd tries to use $TMPDIR on every node it runs.Is that right? How can we avoid it?

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Hi Rafal,

Please use I_MPI_MPD_TMPDIR env variable - it has higher priority.
$ export I_MPI_MPD_TMPDIR=/tmp
and all temp files will be in /tmp directory.

Please don't use directories located on parallel file systems (like pvfs) for temporary files!


Hi Dmitry,I wanted to use $TMPDIR assigned by PBS because it is destroyed every time job finishes - that would look after cleaning up (in case if mpd failed and left some files behind) but as I see there is no "right" way...I'm aware that /tmp should be local, have no fear :)I see the best option is to clear /tmp on regular basis...Thanks for tip!Regards

Rafal, is it possible to create /tmp directory on a shared drive?


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