[Intel MPI] ssh as default in mpdboot/mpirun (I_MPI_MPD_RSH)

[Intel MPI] ssh as default in mpdboot/mpirun (I_MPI_MPD_RSH)

Hello,I think It should be considered to change default remote shell which mpd is using to ssh. It's rsh now but I think most people are using ssh over rsh nowadays.People want to use clear commands like mpirun , not mpirun -r ssh... or something even more complicated.AFAIK there was no easy way to change that default easily in impi < 4.0.But in impi 4.0 there is a new environment I_MPI_MPD_RSH. How this should be used?Is it enough to set itI_MPI_MPD_RSH=ssh to have ssh as default remote shell (finally :) )?I would appreciate any working tips how to set ssh by default in impi < 4.0BTW. did anybody try to replace successfullyrshCmd = 'rsh' torshCmd = 'ssh' in def mpdboot in/path/to/impi/3.x.x/bin/mpdboot?

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Hi Rafal,

Seems the easiest way to change default secure shell is creating an alias for rsh pointing to ssh.

If you need a patch for existing distribution you may submit a tracker at the https://premier.intel.com/.


I'm having the same issue with Intel MPI 5.1.3. "mpirun -r ssh" works (or --rsh=ssh), while setting I_MPI_MPD_RSH=ssh doesn't help. To my surprise, -r or --rsh is not documented in mpirun help. Rafal, thank you.

Dmitry, pointing rsh to ssh requires root privilege, and will affect all users. How can this be the easiest way? Thanks.

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