Error in Intel MPI 3.2.2 MPI I/O

Error in Intel MPI 3.2.2 MPI I/O

I've been testing the new Intel MPI 3.2.2 release which has support for Panasas' PanFS. I've checked out an evaluation copy of the library, but am running into what I believe is a bug with the use of layout hints to a shared file. For the case of more than 1 thread accessing a file, (N-to-1), this fails as each thread is trying to perform an ioctl call to the file and returning:

"ADIOI_PANFS_OPEN: I/O Error doing ioctl on parent directory to create PanFS file using ioctl: File exists."

I believe that the correct behavior is that one thread will call the CREATE_FILE ioctl on the directory to create the file. If all the threads call the ioctl, however, its a race and only one thread will succeed.

I believe the code should do something like:

If (rank == 0)
Do work...

Instead, all threads attempt the ioctl(CREATE_FILE), with only one succeeding and the rest failing.

If it would help, I can provide a test case for this behavior.


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This probably merits a problem report. Register your license key at https:\ if you haven't already registered, which creates an account at https:\ where you can submit your test case against MPI. As most of the experts watching this page are in much earlier time zones, you should get more timely attention this late in the week by submitting on the site.
Note that Intel MPI requires correct use of the MPI_Init_thread() call when using threads along with MPI, where certain other MPI versions may allow MPI_Init().

Quoting -
If it would help, I can provide a test case for this behavior.

Thanks for the post!
Could you send me a test case and I'll talk to developers about this issue. My email in the signature - just change _at_ on @.

Best wishes,

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