Problems with Trace Collector

Problems with Trace Collector

I'm trying to build trace for a program using Trace Collector, but I'm getting such error:

mpicc test.o -L$VT_LIB_DIR -lVT $VT_ADD_LIBS -o build/test.out
/opt/intel/itac/ In function `VT_IPCThreadLevel':
/nfs/isv/disks/sv-ssg_dpd_pdsd-mpi_users/dyulov/testing/ITAC/ITAC_P_7_2_0_05/ict/tracing/vampirtrace/src/generic/VT_ipc.c:(.text+0x316b): undefined reference to `PMPI_Query_thread'

Could you please tell me where the problem could be?

The program itself is very simple and not using ITC API.

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