mpd problems

mpd problems

Hi all,

I'm using Intel-MPI 3.2.011 on a cluster with 9 nodes and 36 cpus and a master node with 2 cpus. Ethernet interconnects all nodes.

The mpdboot commands on master:

/opt/intel/impi/ --ncpus=2 -e -d &

/opt/intel/impi/ --rsh=/usr/bin/ssh --totalnum=10 -1 --file=$HOME//machines.LINUX --verbose --ncpus=2 &b

bring out on nodes the daemon:

[root@sissi0 ~]# ps aux | grep mpd
giorgio 3141 0.0 0.1 156704 5632 ? S 11:32 0:00 python /opt/intel/impi/3.2/bin64/ -h sissi2 -p 40057 --ifhn= --ncpus=4 --myhost=sissi0 --myip= -e -d -s 10

On master node I got the following:

LAUNCHED mpd on sissi.xxxx.xx via
RUNNING: mpd on sissi.xxxx.xx
LAUNCHED mpd on sissi8 via sissi.xxxx.xx
LAUNCHED mpd on sissi1 via sissi.xxxx.xx
LAUNCHED mpd on sissi2 via
LAUNCHED mpd on sissi3 via
RUNNING: mpd on sissi8
RUNNING: mpd on sissi2
LAUNCHED mpd on sissi0 via sissi8
LAUNCHED mpd on sissi4 via sissi8
LAUNCHED mpd on sissi5 via sissi8
RUNNING: mpd on sissi1
LAUNCHED mpd on sissi6 via sissi8
RUNNING: mpd on sissi3
LAUNCHED mpd on sissi7 via sissi3
RUNNING: mpd on sissi5
RUNNING: mpd on sissi0
RUNNING: mpd on sissi4
RUNNING: mpd on sissi7
RUNNING: mpd on sissi6 (handle_mpd_output 752): from mpd on sissi0, invalid port info:
sissi0: Connection refused

Can someone help me out to resolve this issue?


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It is dificult to determine a reason of such issue without having mpd.log files. I would suggest you submit an issue report at

Best regards,



I have a corrupted MPD on my machine. Whenever I call any of the commands "mpdtrace" or "mpdallexit" I get the following message:

mpdroot: cannot connect to local mpd at: /tmp/mpd2.console_root
probable cause: no mpd daemon on this machine
possible cause: unix socket /tmp/mpd2.console_root has been removed
mpdtrace (__init__ 1524): forked process failed; status=255

I have my mpd running:

ps -ef | grep mpd

Note: I am running on my own machine! Single Node, Quad core (intel i7 core)

Any helps would be appreciated.

Hi Mostafa,

Please see my reply to your other post at

James Tullos
Technical Consulting Engineer
Intel® Cluster Tools

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