Rapidbios for Windows XP 64

Rapidbios for Windows XP 64

I need help about the Rapid Bios tool kit.
We are using S5000XVN and dual quadcore 5408 processors and the current bios boot time is way too slow vs the requirement. We were told to try the RapidBios to reduce the boot time and I have a few questions:
- Does it support S5000XVN server board( not listed in the manual)
- I tried to set up a linux machine and still not be able to load the pre-compiled Cap files. When I ran
flashupdt -u -i DP_FB_R0006.Cap, it asked for the Cfg file instead. I would assume the same when runing the pyFlash command.
- Please clarify PayLoad vs Lancher-Payload.


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I think this is outside the scope of the softwarecommunity forum. You should open a support account, and use it. I would guess your package should have invited you to register for support.


I also agree with u.

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